New Books: Critical Studies in Advertising

Here is a round up of three new academic books exploring contemporary advertising.

Explorations in Critical Studies of Advertising
Edited by James F. Hamilton, Robert Bodle, Ezequiel Korin

‘This volume provides a thoughtful and wide-ranging exploration of approaches to the critical study of advertising. Current and impending practices of advertising have in many ways exceeded the grasp of traditional modes of critique, due at least in part to their being formulated in very different historical conditions. To begin to address this lag, this edited collection explores through critical discussion and application a variety of critical approaches to advertising. Authors address a variety of concrete examples in their chapters, drawing on existing research while presenting new findings where relevant. In order to maintain the relevance of this collection past this particular historical moment, however, chapters do not simply report on empirical work, but develop a theoretical argument.’

Book details from the publisher are here

There are chapters written by members of the Branded Content Research Network. Jonathan Hardy, Principal Investigator, wrote the first chapter ‘Marketers’ Influence on Media: Renewing the Radical Tradition for the Digital Age’. ‘The Mood of Information in an Age of Empathic Media’ is written by Andrew McStay, a member of the Advisory Board. Two of the book’s editors, James F. Hamilton and Robert Bodle are international advisory members for the Network. James F. Hamilton is Professor of New Media and Director of the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia, USA, and Robert Bodle is Associate Professor of Communication and New Media Studies at Mount St. Joseph University and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Media, Journalism, and Film at Miami University, USA. He served as Co-Chair of the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition at the UN Internet Governance Forum, and as a steering committee member of the IRP coalition since 2010.

Nicholas Holm, Advertising and Consumer Society: A Critical Introduction, Palgrave
An introduction to the critical study of advertising, exploring its role in our contemporary cultural landscape and its connections to larger economic, social and political forces. Written in an engaging and accessible style, the book provides students with the key concepts, methods and debates they will need to analyse and understand advertising.

Book details from the publisher are here.

Nick Holm is Lecturer of Media Studies at Massey University, New Zealand.

Andrew McStay, Digital Advertising, 2nd Edition, Palgrave

In order to comprehend modern media, we need to understand how advertising works. Digital Advertising provides an assessment of contemporary and emergent advertising techniques that drive the world’s largest media companies.

The second edition has been fully updated to account for the re-shaped advertising industry and transformed media landscape since the publication of the first edition, taking on topics including the creative uses of technology, novel modes of storytelling, adblocking, the pre-eminence of analytics and big data, privacy, growing interest in data about emotional life, and alarm about the role of artificial intelligence and automation in advertising.

Incorporating an increased number of case studies and analyses of campaigns, this timely and engaging text is an essential resource for students, academics and anyone interested in advertising and media.

Book details are here

Andrew is a member of the Branded Content Network Advisory Board.


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