Aims & Objectives


§ To facilitate networking between academics, practitioners, policy actors, civil society groups and other stakeholders to enrich the knowledge-base of all stakeholders and advance collaborative research in advertising and branded content.

§  To explore the changing relationships between marketing communications and convergent media.

§  To explore the articulation and addressing of ‘problems’ of branded content including artistic, aesthetic and editorial integrity, disclosure and transparency, invasive marketing, user consent, separation of editorial and advertising, and the implications of integrated marketing for content services and agendas.

§  To contribute to policy research and analysis, policy formulation and discussion concerning relevant media and advertising regulation and governance.


§  To organise four network seminars, a closing conference, and related activities to facilitate research and networking between academics, practitioners, policy actors, civil society groups and other stakeholders concerning the adoption of branded content in media.

§  To discuss and share information on research design, resourcing, methods and cross- disciplinary approaches to advance research into branded content including collaborative research projects.

§  To promote debate on the governance and management of branded content through public policy, regulation, media literacy and other actions.

§  To engage industry groups, practitioners, policy-makers, trades unions, civil society groups and non-academic stakeholders with the network research activities in order to maximise impact.

§  To establish and maintain an online resource to disseminate information and advice.

§  To disseminate the network’s findings as broadly as possible through the website, academic publications, reports, bulletins, articles and commentary in public media and information tailored to key stakeholders.

§  To produce outputs including online guides to research and resources, research-led briefings and reports on practices and policy produced in collaboration with key stakeholders.

§  To prepare proposals for further funding, including the development of larger European projects and work to establish the capacity to sustain the website, meetings and other activities after the initial grant-funded period.

§  To establish a sustainable advisory group on advertising and sponsored content that will advise policy-makers, industry and other stakeholders.

§  To work to establish an International academic network including collaboration with colleagues in the USA and collaborative projects with European partners.

§  To hold at least four meetings of the advisory group that will manage the project