Collaborating Partner Organisations

This section lists the two formal project partners and then lists all other organisations who have agreed to participate in the network. We warmly encourage expressions of interest from other organisations to become listed partners in the network, including marketing communications enterprises and associations, academic institutions and networks,  and civil society organisations.

All published statements do not represent the views of organisations participating in the network unless explicitly stated.

AHRC Project Partners

The Branded Content Research Project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) with the support of project partners. The AHRC states that ‘An organisation can only be identified as a ‘Project Partner’ if it is providing a specific contribution (cash or in-kind) without charge to the research project’. At the time of the application to the AHRC the project had two project partner organisations, the online publisher openDemocracy and the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

The online journal openDemocracy is a project partners and will publish a themed series of articles on branded content that will be co-curated by the Principal Investigator and will involve contributions from academics, industry and civil society contributors to the network.


openDemocracy is an independent, public interest, not-for-profit publication. openDemocracy published Peter Oborne’s article ‘Why I have resigned from the Telegraph’ in February 2015 in which he wrote ‘It has long been axiomatic in quality British journalism that the advertising department and editorial should be kept rigorously apart. There is a great deal of evidence that, at the Telegraph, this distinction has collapsed’. This powerful statement reached a worldwide readership of more than 440,000 and prompted 691 comments from readers.


WGGB logo

The Writers Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) is a trade union representing professional writers in TV, film, theatre, radio, books, poetry, animation and videogames. Its members also include emerging and aspiring writers.




Collaborating Partners


The Branded Content Marketing Association




What is the BCMA?
BCMA is the global industry body for branded content practitioners, run by practitioners, promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and growing the branded content industry.

What do we do?
We promote and grow the branded content industry through best practice, research, lobbying and networking events relating to our industry. We create the opportunity to connect with the leading experts in the branded content industry.

Why should anyone care?
Branded content is predicted to be at the heart of every marketing strategy, and there is growing evidence that there will be a significant shift in budgets to support it. However, there is still some confusion as to how to do it, who should do it and how it is measured. The BCMA is best placed to define what branded content ‘is’ and what it ‘isn’t’ and measure the effectiveness through its investment in research and proprietary tools.